Wednesday, 15 June 2011


ok, i'm gonna try this blogging thing out, not much good at writing but i'm not against another avenue to waste more time. Anyway I'm sure I can attach this thing to my website and make things a bit more interesting and interactive and get you to waste more time too ;)
One good thing that happened today is the lovely people from The Bristol Gallery have taken on 'Tin Gods and the Bristol Girls' a wonderfully large diptych by Guy Denning. Hopefully a suited buyer will soon snap it up but really I'm just happy that it's going to be on show and in the most appropriate area too - I'll let you know when its up.... 

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  1. bemvindo


    if u need a hand on second thoughts try also a blog without analytics is like a woman without a dildo (dont tell guy i said dat)

    (i prefer wordpress 4 reason i wont bore u wit)